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Marine Manufacturers' Catalogs


    • ACR EPIRB and PLB GUIDE Generally speaking, for boaters an EPIRB is preferred over a PLB. EPIRBs once placed in the water will operate autonomously by self-activating and floating upright in a transmitting position. Because of their simplicity, it is easy to educate crew members on their operation. With bigger batteries for longer transmission life, EPIRB are essential for long distance transits. They are specifically designed for that worst case scenario of just you and the beacon in the water. PLBs require more effort to operate, as they must be manually activated and be held out of the water to function properly even though they are waterproof. PLBs are however small enough to carry on your person so they are well suited for single-handed boaters or crewmembers who are routinely out of site of the Captain. The best beacon to have is the beacon you have with you when you need it. ... Down load the ACR EPIRB and PLB GUIDE