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Wholesale Marine Electronics' MAP and MRP Policies


  • ACR — AUTHORIZED RESELLER POLICY The products sold by ACR Electronics, Inc. (ACR) are of high quality with a premium image earned through extensive product and market development activities and superior customer service provided by ACR and its Resellers and Distributors. To assist in maintaining the high quality of the ACR brands, ACR has initiated an Authorized Reseller Program. The program consists of new policies that will govern the manner in which entities may resell ACR products. The Authorized Reseller program will be managed solely by ACR. To apply to become an ACR Authorized Reseller please complete the application found at


    This new program and policy have been developed to ensure the preservation of ACR’s superior technology and quality products, the product value, trademarks, and to properly establish the brand and reputation of these products in the appropriate market segments. Should you have any questions regarding the subject of this letter, please contact the Reseller Compliance desk at






ProMariner, Guest, Progressive Industries and Blue Sea Systems

In order to ensure Power Products LLC resellers are able to sustain healthy margins on products and ensure that our end users are being provided a quality sales experience and customer support, Power Products has announced an Internet Authorization Program and Unilateral Pricing Polices for the ProMariner, Guest, Progressive Industries and Blue Sea Systems brands (“Power Products”) that become effective on September 1, 2019.

Internet Authorization Program

In order to alleviate confusion amongst your customers regarding the Power Products Internet Authorization Program we wanted to further communicate to you our program and expectations.

In order for any resellers to sell Power Products on the Internet, they MUST be an Authorized Power Products Internet Reseller.

Authorized Internet Resellers must sign an Internet authorization agreement regulating the manner in which they sell Power Products on the Internet. We believe this Internet Authorization Program will create a stable online brand presence, healthy available margins, and the end to free-riding by discount retailers or gray market sellers who provide few or no services.

Internet Authorization Program DEALER APPLICATION

If you or your customers wish to apply for Internet authorization, please instruct them to submit the Authorized Internet Reseller Application.  PLEASE CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD THE Authorized Internet Reseller Agreement.

To be clear, you are allowed to sell Power Products in your brick and mortar locations. However, unless you have applied for and have been approved for Internet sales you are strictly prohibited from selling Power Products on the Internet. If you do not apply and receive the authorization, we can no longer sell to you.

Unilateral Pricing Polices

As part of this strategy, Power Products is also announcing a RETAIL Unilateral Pricing Policies. This Policies will replace any and all prior Power Products Pricing Policies.

This Unilateral Policy sets forth the list of recommended price points at which we believe our products should be advertised and/or sold for. We feel that these prices reflect the prices at which resellers may enjoy a sustainable margin, while providing a high-quality level of customer service and support consumers of our products have come to expect; however, all resellers remain free to choose their own advertised and resale prices.

Retail Unilateral Pricing Policy (RUPP)

The RUPP covers the advertised price of Power Products from Dealers to End-Users. Specific SKU and prices will be distributed to Authorized Internet Resellers via the Pricing Grid.

All questions regarding the Unilateral Policies should be directed to the Power Products Unilateral Policy Committee, click here. 



Also, please note the following change: Due to the amount of applications we have been receiving, we will need to make the following change as of March 11, 2019: any incoming application must be sent to us by an authorized Garmin distributor. If the application is not from a representative from a Garmin distributor, it will be denied. Thank you for your understanding.



  • GOLIGHT MAP POLICY – This Policy covers Golight’s entire product line in order to preserve its reputation for providing customers with high-value products and strong after-sales customer support and to further enhance Golight’s brand image. Each internet minimum advertised price (“IMAP”) is identified on Golight price sheets and on Golight’s website:  Please click here to download the GOLIGHT MAP Policy.










  • Along with online reseller application being submitted resellers will also need to be enrolled in the KVH Partner portal.  They can enroll at

    (Once their partner portal enrollment has been approved a representative from their company will need to log in to the portal, and take and pass the KVH TracVision and/or TracPhone eLearning courses.  The online reseller can decided to take one or both online eLearning classes.)


  • Lowrance/Navico — UPDATED AUGUST 29, 2017: Lowrance/Navico Authorized Reseller Agreement

  • Lumitec MAP Policy – Lumitec will establish Minimum Advertised Price "MAP" for certain products. As of the date of this agreement MAPs for MAP-controlled products are listed in Addendum A, "Lumitec MAP prices". The MAP may be adjusted by LUMITEC at its sole discretion upon thirty (30) day notice to RESELLER. Such adjustments shall be uniformly applied to all LUMITEC dealers and distributors in the United States and Canada.... Learn more...

  • OCEANLED M.R.P PROGRAM – OceanLED is a global leader of underwater lighting products in the marine industry, offering quality and innovative products. We support promotion and advertising by our Resellers, which focuses on the features and value of our products, our technology, and our reputation in the marketplace. We do not support promotion or advertising material, through co-operative advertising or otherwise that may have the effect of reducing or detracting from the perceived value of new OceanLED products. The goal of the MAP Policy is to encourage channel profitability, while fostering a competitive marketplace. As an OceanLED business partner you will profit from OceanLED’s efforts and on-going commitment in driving Reseller sales directly to your distribution center. Learn more...

  • Prospect Electronics Authorized Reseller Application – Thank you for your interesting in becoming a Prospec Electronics Authorized Reseller...please complete this application and... Learn more...

  • Raymarine M.A.P Program – Raymarine is a global leader in the recreational marine industry, offering quality and innovative products. We support promotion and advertising by our dealers which fo- cuses on the features and value of our products, our technology, and our reputation in the marketplace. We do not support promotion or advertising material, through co-op- erative advertising or otherwise, that may have the effect of reducing or detracting from the perceived value of new Raymarine products. For these reasons, Raymarine unilaterally adopted a minimum advertised price (“MAP”) policy for certain Raymarine products.... Learn more...

  • Raymarine Authorized Reseller Application – Thank you for your interest in becoming a Raymarine Authorized Reseller. Pending approval, we will send you the Authorized Reseller Logo and notify our Distributors of your status. Please complete this application and email a signed PDF copy to:

  • Seaview MAP Policy – To support the value of Seaview product in the marketplace a M.A.P policy must be followed. In summary, no Seaview product should be advertised, printed or displayed less than 20% off suggested retail price.... Learn more...
        • Simrad MAP Program – Simrad has worked hard to assure that its distributors and dealers including catalog and internet retailers, ("Resellers") provide end-users of Navico products with the kind of advice, education, assistance, and support that Navico feels is necessary to main- tain customer satisfaction with the high quality and performance that Navico has developed over the years. The prices chosen by Reseller to sell Navico products are Reseller's decision alone. Navico has concluded, however, that certain kinds of adver- tising affect Navico's goodwill and is damaging to the standards and reputation that Navico products have achieved. Therefore, Navico is unilaterally establishing its 2013 Minimum Advertised Price Policy ("M.A.P. Policy"). Reseller must make its own inde- pendent decision about advertising Navico products, taking into consideration the ele- ments of M.A.P. Policy:... Learn more...
        • UPDATED AUGUST 29, 2017 — Simrad/Navico Authorized Reseller Agreement


  • UNIDEN MAP Policy – Uniden America adheres to the policies delineated herein for the sales and distribution of select Uniden products, described within this document in Schedule A, to its retail customers, dealers and distributors in the United States defined collectively as “Customers” effective January 1, 2018....Learn more...


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